Monday, August 3, 2015

We're either f*cking or we're fighting

Thinking I am going to take Lucy Liu for a run on the beach. It's a clear morning for the first time in several days.

I see great things for this Ronda Rousey woman. She is going to change what little girls think of as a hero. Enough of those little girls grow up learning to kick ass and, maybe, a lot more little boys will grow up knowing not to touch a woman uninvited.

I've seen TGB run. She looks every bit this... cool.

The Gorgeous Blonde goes back to night shifts today. She is sleeping. When she works at night, she runs late at night/early morning on her days off - after midnight, before sunrise. I woke up to pee sometime last night because I am dumb enough to think two glasses of water just before bed will keep until the morning. When I crawled back into bed I grabbed my phone because I am a fucking lemming. She had posted on FB that some black SUV stalked her... er... drove past her repeatedly as though it were lost.

A couple of things went through my head.

I fucking told her to take her fucking gun or the fucking dog but does she fucking listen? Fucking fuck no! Fuck!

I am going to buy her a can of pepper spray. Opens up Amazon app, I should get her the pink one just to piss her off. No, then she won't take it and she'll end up kidnapped all because you want to be funny, asshole. 

Lucy Liu would eat someone's face if they fuck with her. Yeah, but then I'd have to get her put down and it would be Samantha's fault and I would blame her for killing my dog and we'd end up alienated from each other before our relationship's inevitable demise all because she had to go fucking run in the dark. 

If she does go missing it'll end up my fault no matter what. It's always the husband's fault. 

Sir, why did you let your wife go running at night?
Let her? The fuck kind of small minded shit is that Roscoe?
Sir, let's go down to the station and talk about this some more.
No one ever saw Rudy or Samantha ever again.
I am going to get TGB some training time with Ronda Rousey for Christmas.
Longtime readers know I am obsessed with ZZ Ward's music (her first album makes me look for the nearest flat surface to throw TGB against until we're covered in a mixture of sweat and sex). Until today I had only heard the chorus to Love 3X and I hated it. It felt poppy and anti-ZZ Ward. Now that I've heard the whole song, I have to say, it may not be crazy sexy like her first album, but it definitely retains that Dirty Shine  that hooked me. I mean, c'mon, how saccharine can a song be with lyrics like today's dribble title?

Remember boys and girls, music should make you want to dance, fuck, or drive fast.

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