Saturday, August 29, 2015

We don't match on paper, but it don't mean a thing

In all the excitement over the new BTK album, I ignored the new ZZ Ward.

We're either fucking or we're fighting

I've said before that music should make you want to fight, fuck, or drive fast. Considering TGB is away for the weekend, I was afraid to listen to the new record. Her first record made me search flat surfaces to throw TGB up against so you can understand my fear. If sex has a soundtrack, it's the first ZZ Ward record.

So far the new record is less bluesy and more poppy than the first one. A lot less carnal. It's okay, I suppose. But I am only two songs into it so I will get back to you tomorrow on the rest of it.

Spent the day staining and painting planks for the accent wall. I woke up with a massive headache. Yay chemicals!

Gonna run downstairs and slather them with a clear coat of polyurethane, then spend the day painting the master suite. Yeah, I call it a suite.

An en suite needs to have a suite for which to be en.

Four songs in and I can confirm I will definitely be buying the new ZZ Ward. But it's not nearly as good as her first one. Which means, you'll probably like the second one more.

I was in an elevator in Atlanta in my Dirty Shine tee. A woman saw it, her eyes got big and she said, I love ZZ Ward! Are you here to see her?

No, I hate festivals. I am going to the Frank Turner show tonight.


*Stink eye* The guy she wrote Home about.

*Eyes HUGE* Really?


Elevator doors open, I walk out with an evil smile.

Because I know how internet rumors get started, please note: I was fucking lying to the twat on the elevator.

Seriously though, Til The Casket Drops - one of the best records ever. It was going to be hard to top it.

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