Tuesday, August 4, 2015

She's got electric boobs

I went night (evening) swimming yesterday. It was glorious. There is a storm in the middle of the Gulf down by Tampa that caused our waves to swell up all steroidal-like. I couldn't swim three feet without completely being exhausted and even then the minute I stopped current pushed me twelve feet down the beach. I feel it this morning. It feels like I'm a little less fat.

If I ever drown in the ocean, or get eaten by something living there, just know that I am okay with going out that way.

There is a little old guy named, well, Guy. He lives on my street. He likes to walk to the end of the street in the mornings and evenings and just take in the ocean view. He was the first neighbor to introduce himself to me and the dogs. He reminds me a lot of Brooks Hadlan. Anyway, he fell off a ladder, whether it was because of a stroke or some other malady I don't know, and has been in the hospital for a few days now. Looking out my window I can see other neighbors mowing his lawn. I like that.

In the time I started writing this the sky has turned from bright blue to something a lot more ominous. Guess I better let the dogs out to Imogen Poot before the rain comes.

Have a day.

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