Scroll down, push play, THEN start reading. Trust me on this.

Do you ever sit and wonder just how evil you could be if pushed? I'm sure some of you are thinking, I don't really need to be pushed all that hard to decapitate a bitch motherfucker (had to change that so the pc police don't assume I mean women when I say bitch even though you and I are smart enough to recognize that there are as many, if not more, man-bitches than not).

I woke up yesterday thinking about that after a wicked dream. In the dream, TGB had a lover - a really, really pretty, light skindeded, black dude - and I caught them. As I am wont to do in real life when I am particularly angry or vindictive, I became very calm and walked away leaving them to just kind of wonder as I calculated my next move.

I ambushed the dude when he was alone, rendered him unconscious, tied him up and ball gagged him. When he woke up I took a dull saw to his left leg, half-way up the calf and his right arm just below the elbow. Then I stitched him up and nursed him back to health.  We became sort of friends so when I reintroduced him to my wife he was actually very defensive of me.

I woke up feeling like I had watched a really good horror movie. And also a little scared of what I might be capable of.

Have a nice day.

Here's a cute puppy.


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