Thursday, August 27, 2015

Now if you feel that you can't go on

I like Motown.

I have a bunch of old Motown records my Uncle Charlie left me. Now that I have a working turntable again, I've slowly been going through my collection and playing. Four Tops for this morning's Dribble.

My record collection is a mix of albums I bought as a teenager, Uncle Charlie's collection, and stuff TGB and I have begun buying just because we have an awesome record store not too far from us.

In honor of #NationalDogDay (yesterday, I know)

We bought a Ryan Adams album. Gold. It was okay. I am not as enamored of him as some of my friends are. I either really like a song of his, or skip it.

I am sure I will get the email/message explaining to me why I am wrong. I'm not saying he sucks, I am simply saying I prefer Ben Marwood and Frank Turner. A lot more. A whole hell of a lot more.

I wonder if anyone ever made a porn: The Same Old Dong

I'm totally faking my way through this morning's dribble. Gimme a few days and I will be right as rain.

Titty... whatever

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