Let's listen for the first time together

Cloudy drug brain. My throat still feels like I'm swallowing glass.

*insert Rudy swallows joke*

The Gorgeous Blonde may have had cancer, but this shit is the real struggle. It doesn't go away with surgery or drugs. It sticks around for days, mocking, causing pain, leaving me shattered in its wake.

One day, when I'm famous, someone is going to take the above two sentences and run to TMZ with them.

Apparently Odell Beckham Jr. liked a comment I made about his quarterback on some social media page. I have a funny feeling it wasn't the real Odell. Maybe I'm wrong, but my comment starts with I hate Eli Manning, but... and I just can't see his primary receiver liking anything that starts that way.

Ohhh, but I did get a tweet favorited by BD Wong. I complimented his role in Mr. Robot (why are you not watching that show?) so, of course, he favorited it. Duh. I'd say something about the male ego, but he was playing a woman. Are you intrigued? Then go watch goddamn Mr. Robot!

My brain feels like it's slipping from my earholes.


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