Friday, August 28, 2015

Just take those old records off the shelf

TGB is on an airplane to Texas.

Wanna come with me TDY (temporary duty) to Texas? 

No, I think I am gonna give myself a thousand papercuts and wade into the shark infested Gulf instead.

I hate Texas.

This is the awesome shit I post on Instagram.

So, I will be putting up an accent wall and painting our master bedroom. If time permits, I will paint the en suite.

Why don't they just call it a fucking bathroom? Fuck the person who started calling it an en suite. That guy is a pretentious twat.

I'm 7 IQ points dumber than I was before I took TGB to the airport this morning. I made the mistake of listening to local sports radio.

Someone needs to invent tater flavored tater chips.

You just lost three IQ points reading that quote.


Billy has a new album out. It has a horrible pun for a title. Bad Billy!

I joked yesterday (on FB) about listening to her Ryan Adams cover playlist while I did manly shit in the garage. I spent the day sanding down the planks for our new accent wall while Billy was cranked. I discovered something very strange about Rudy. I work a lot better, a lot calmer, a lot less swearing when Billy is my soundtrack. So, after the RA playlist was done, I threw on her Spotify channel.

I got a lot of shit done without the usual FUCKING STUPID FUCING TOOL DOESN'T WORK WORTH A FUCK followed by said tool getting tossed at a brick wall.

I'm saying there's going to be a lot of Billy playing in Chez Martinez this weekend.

Oh, and go get the new Billy.

Titty Sprinkles.

When it gets to 3:38 it gets really fucking AWESOME!

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