Sunday, August 16, 2015

It's getting worse lately

A lady is comfortable sitting on your lap and farting. - Lucy Liu (the dog, not the beautiful actress. Although, the dog has quite a beautiful face, too!)

At least, that's what the look on her face told me this morning. She makes putting on shoes... interesting.

I don't fart, daddy, I just bark my face off whenever you drift off to sleep!
Charlie Whitehurst is a Tennessee TITan. TITan. *giggle* Charlie Whitehurst was a Charger for years. He was more famous for his flowing locks than his talent. Football Jesus. Apparently, Jesus really was a white guy.


I have to practice golf. I'm playing in a fundraiser next month. I used to live in Monterey and I still say the best place to hit golf balls (driving range) was the muni-course in Pacific Grove. Sucking at golf feels a lot better when you sounds of the Pacific are crashing ten yards behind you.

Titty Sprinkles.


Go order the new Billy The Kid record. Her voice makes the world a better place. I was having a shit day not long ago and her voice came through my radio. I smiled and could breathe again. Then I caught myself getting a lump in my throat, one of those happy ones that you get when it hits you that it's going to be okay. You know what I mean? Like when the doctor comes out and says, your wife is out of surgery and we got it all. That's how her voice makes me feel. I think it's because she has an old soul. I like that.


Apparently, I forgot to include the password for the Fantasy Football League yesterday.

League of Morons 
Password: leagueofmorons50

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