I hear the universe sing the celestial swing

I know, I didn't post yesterday and all seven of you were crushed. My Morning Dribble is an integral part of You Morning Poop, I know.

We were in Pensacola for her quarterly check up. The doc says TGB is good to go pending some test results. Then we took off for Biloxi and some gambling. TGB laughed a lot, lost a little, and we are back to feeling normal. It's always a weird few days leading up to check-ups. I hope you never have the pleasure.

She's beating cancer like USC beats OSU (remember that song you got stuck in my head? Payback!)
More importantly, I We have a new turntable that we can use to download our albums onto the computer. This pleases me.

You all know I'm pretty excited about the new Frank Turner album. I love it. All of it. And I have been vacillating between different songs as my favorite of the record.

Sidenote: I was informed on the drive home that there are only two possible songs that could be my favorite- Mittens or Love Forty Down - as all the other songs are hers. 
One minute Get Better is absolutely the best song on the record. It's a fucking anthem! 

Then, no, no, no Demons. Fuck me, this song, right? 

No, Glorious You!!! Yes, that's the song! 

But I've spent the better part of the last three days obsessing about Silent Key. I just keep coming back to it over and over again to the point that I started googling the whole thing, Challenger Shuttle, Chrita McAauliffe, even the phrase Silent Key. I've actually learned more about one of the moments that has always stuck out in my memory banks than I could have ever imagined.

I had no idea that the astronauts were likely alive after the Challenger fell apart. Knowing that completely changes the chill factor when Frank sings the line:

... for the next agonizing 2 minutes and 45 long seconds she called out the truth on her broken radio... I'M ALIVE! I'M ALIVE! I'M ALIVE!
But then... Esme Patterson comes in and that fucking voice just takes it to another place.

By the end, I am emotionally drained and itching to get back on the ride so I hit the back button and start the ride all over again.

Postscript - there is a Challenger and Columbia display at Cape Canaveral.

I promise, this is the last day I fanboy out over the new Frank record. This particular song has just burrowed itself deep into the recesses of my decrepit soul.


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