Friday, August 7, 2015

Goddamn it's great to be alive

Album downloaded, coffee poured, noise cancelling headset plugged in and on afixed to my cranium.

*Press play.

Weird coincidence: Get Better is the #2 song on the album AND it is my #2 favorite Frank song. I cannot get this loud enough.

Okay, so I am not going to do a play-by-play song diary. I am not an adolescent girl. But I am going to keep writing as long as the album plays.

I will say that there is no possible way to make this thing play louder (yes, I have done that) and it is still not loud enough. That was how I judged records when I was younger.

One of the perks of being a latchkey kid was that I got a couple/few hours to myself everyday after school. So in between furious masturbation sessions I would play music. LOUD. What I would do is put on an album or cassette, put my speakers facing one another, lay on the floor with my head between them. The good ones would get cranked to eleven.

Remember when I told you all I had high hopes that this new Frank album would make my top five? So far I haven't had a meh song so it is still in contention.

When he sings too small tee shirts in Glorious You I think smedium, Frank. Those are size smedium. 

Seriously, cannot get this loud enough. So far, so FUCKINGODDAMNGOOD!

You ever want someone so bad you just wanted to tear them open and crawl inside? I'm starting to feel that way about this album.

Some of you are still stuck on the tear them open and crawl inside and more than a little scared. Did you ever see the movie American Psycho? That's the movie that came to mind when I saw Frank's photo on the PS4NP cover. I suspect they were going for sexy, come hither or some such shit, but I giggled and ran.

Dexter is looking at me like I'm a madman. Or maybe he has to pee.

The Gorgeous Blonde mentioned that there be some Billy The Kid. I am excited about that.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Demons may be giving Get Better a run for favorite song on the album.

You won't get everything you wanted
But you will never be defeated

Last night all my friends stayed up and had a virtual listening party (except for that asshole Charlie who was, you know, at the actual listening party with Frank et al). I went to bed. I enjoy my own company over that of all you miscreants. At least, when it comes to discovering something and savoring it. 

You see, I am sitting here listening to the words, the music, letting it wash over me, pausing, rewinding, replaying the bits that affect (effect?) me on a visceral level. I don't want to have to care about what you think or if you're enoying it. I want to get to lost in this moment. 

Later on, when we're at the show and it's become whatever it is going to be to you and it's become whatever it is going to be to me we can meet up and get lost in together. You can grab my arm and scream over the loud, oh my god, I fucking love this song!! I'll smile and think, me too. And I promise, I will be glad to have you there to share that moment with me. 

But first times are all mine. Just like sex. 

Is that Esme Patterson's voice I hear? Fuck me this album just keeps getting better. 

Excuse me while I wipe the tears. Song For Josh just... 

Well Senor Francoise, you did it. You made an album that sits on my top five. No, it did not overtake Blood On The Tracks. What, are you fucking insane? But it has left me feeling I fell in love with when I first fell in love with music. You miscreants know that feeling. 

And there's Billy. If you could see the shit eating grin on my face right now you'd laugh at me. 

I am happy. 

Go buy the new Frank Turner album. You'll be glad.


  1. You know what music can do and be. That iss all I know to say. Oh and thanks