But you and me we know they got nothing but time

Update: I forgot to specify - clearcoat every plank after staining/painting.

Windows 10 only took three tries to start up today. So I had French Toast and meandered to the beach before writing.

Massive headache. I think from all the chemicals I've inhaled all weekend. But the room looks good.


Ummm, today is laundry day. Yes, I see the fucking wires dangling, asshole.

Blackout curtains. I cannot recommend those enough.

The magic happens here. 
King bed, wall measured to match width.

A few people have asked about the accent wall so I'll tell you exactly what I did.

First, measured the bed and the length of the wall from ceiling to moulding.

I took six FREE, discarded pallets and deconstructed them to get individual planks. That is a lot more work than I realized. A lot of pallets are 40" in width which was is perfect for my project because the bed measured 80". I took two 40" planks for the top and built down from there (in the garage) the 92" of the wall length.

This is where I took some creative license because I didn't want a uniform, boring looking wall. I cut some planks into various sizes to get a more staggered look. Also, I was lucky enough to get multiple pallets of different wood which gives a very cool effect on the overall project. I even had a couple of planks that were still rounded on the one side. Also, pallets will usually have different size width on top and bottom.

Once it was cut to size and laid out on the ground, I bought stain and polyurethane clearcoat. For this project I bought three different stains. There are a handful of painted planks - I used leftover paint we'd used on different rooms throughout the house. I did this to tie it all together.

And yes, you can use the clearcoat as its own stain if you love the natural look of a particular piece of wood. I used just clearcoat on a couple of pieces TGB really liked and on any piece with a stamp. Again, just a personal choice.

Once that was done, I remeasured every row against the top row (measure twice, cut once) and trimmed/added as needed.

I put it on the wall with Locktite Spray Adhesive (3-4 cans) and galvanized 2" nails. The nails were a personal choice - they're dull and will lose any shine to blend in while looking cool. I used adhesive because I was putting this up onto drywall and not every plank lined up with a stud. Last night I pulled at random pieces - they are not going anywhere.

So that's it.  For less than $100 I got an accent piece that I think TGB will love when she gets home tonight.

Postscript - you can buy pallets planks from places like Home Depot and still spend less than $300 overall.

Titty Sprinkles.


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