A lack of hack makes Rudy a sad sack

After hearing about the Americans who saved the French passengers on that train I thought, here come the hack jokes about America saving France AGAIN. When that didn't happen I was, at first, relieved. Then I realized, fuck, Americans don't read history books. Or news that doesn't involve a Kardashian's ass or a the Donald's gum flapping antics. Now I am just sad.

I never thought a lack of hack-y jokes would bring me down, but it has.

In other news, I am trying not to fanboy out over Emily Barker tweeting at me. Twice. Sure, I was a little stalker-y, but still. She did a web concert from her living room and it was... that fucking voice.

Hey Mr,. why are you crying like a little bitch?
Because an angel is singing, Lucy Liu. A fucking, goddamn angel.
It was a cool way to watch a concert. Very interactive. She told stories about the songs. She read our comments in between songs, responded directly to questions and laughed more than once at shit I said. I'm not just sexy, I'm also funny.

If you haven't ever listened to Emily Barker be prepared. There are a ton of truly amazing singers, but her voice is literally my ears' favorite thing.

Titty Sprinkles!

This song. This fucking song.


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