Still the stars just sparkle and shine

I'm particularly cranky this morning.

I went to bed early, tired from an amazing day spent with TGB. I was asleep just after 9 PM and awake before 9:30 PM because the rednecks with their motherfuckingfireworks decided to set off a few sticks of dynomite. I rode it out and fell back asleep about the time TGB's phone decided to vibrate and light up the room. Over and fucking over and fucking over and fucking over.

Whoever it is that was emailing/texting her, I don't know who you are, but I will find you and I will kill you.

Fuck e'rybody!

I don't have an iPhone so I wouldn't know how to turn that shit off without fucking around with the phone a bit. I know my wife well enough to know she can sleep through a hurricane, but if I breathe heavy she'll wake up and blame me for a roucous. Seeing as how she has to be up at 3 AM I decided to do the menche thing and snuck out of the room to watch tv until my shit mood subsided. Fell asleep in the guest room only to have my neighbor engage in the door slamming tournament of champions at 4 AM. I went back into my room at 5:30, fell asleep thinking, finally. Then at 6:03 my neighbor's motherfuckinghounddog decided to sing the song of her people.

I am a dog person and I want to feed that dog to the sharks in the gulf.

I'm tired, I'm cranky, I fucking hate everybody - yes, even you - this morning.


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