Sometimes there's just not enough sprinkles

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I woke up this morning to all my Catholic relatives and a few friends sharing the shit out of those Planned Parenthood videos and I want to scream at them, suck those little fuckers out!

I get it, people want to believe they're saving unborn babies, but where the fuck is the compassion once those babies are born? Many of the same people who scream about abortions scream just as loud about welfare and social programs to help the poor being awful things. The fucking hypocrisy of it all. Remember boys and girls, if you really want to stop abortions start with sex education and access to birth control. Advocate loudly for that. Until then, this is all just disingenuous nonsense.

I should never look at Facebook before I dribble, it makes me cranky. Although, I suppose a point could be made that I should simply never check Facebook.

I miss my friend, Terry.
I need coffee and the beach to adjust my attitude this morning. The lot of you can fuck off.

Titty sprinkles.


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