Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pew! Pew! Pew! All night

Mexico Beach may make me reconsider my meh attitude towards the 4th. At one point last night there were fireworks up and down the beach and my balcony was the best seat in the house. The official city fireworks were set off just after the usual daily thunderstorm passed, just below Venus and Jupiter, just above a lingering thunder cloud.

My phone was not up to the task. Also, I was more interested in watching than taking a picture for you, jerk.
While the planets looked on, there would be the occasional lightening from below the fireworks which made for one hell of a damn show.

Benadryl deserves a big thank you. Dexter was all, gimme the drugs, man last night. Then he was kenneled and put to bed early. I always feel anxious for the little dude on the 4th. Maybe that's a big part of my general ambivalence about the holiday. To her credit, the dog who is afraid of seemingly EVERYTHING, Lucy Liu took it all in stride.

My favorite Fourth is still (and likely will always be) my first Fourth with The Gorgeous Blonde. We were driving from Kentucky to Ohio as the sun was setting so the majority of our drive was one big fireworks show. At one point we pulled into a rest stop and just sat on a wall and watched. It all came to a crescendo as we crossed into Ohio as Cincinnati was setting off what felt like all the fireworks in Ohio.

But really, it was the company that made it memorable. Having someone to share cool shit with, that's the stuff right there.

Time for the dogs to go poo.

These guys were in LA last night. I was not. LA gets all the cool stuff. You should give them a listen. They are pretty friggin stellar.

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