Friday, July 3, 2015

Okay, maybe I am a little angry

I don't hate the Fourth of July, but I never look forward to it, either. I just sort of want to get through it without my dog having a full on meltdown and with the occasional story of a drunken idiot losing a digit. The bunting, flags, the idiotic fireworks randomly going off in the middle of the nights leading up to the Fourth, and the Proud To Be An American of it all gets to being a bit much and by 7/5 I'm glad it's over.

Bunting: colorful doilies hanging from your balcony.

Also, I always secretly hope it rains when the fireworks are scheduled to go off. I am not a fan of loud bangs. No, I don't have PTSD, that shit is just fucking annoying.

On a far more personal note, I am sad about Antonio Gates getting popped for PEDs. I am fully prepared to go into the 2015 Chargers season with less than zero expectations. Two of our most important players are in the last year of their respective contracts, the team is advising new employees to be willing to relocate, and now the most respected guy on the team gets popped for cheating. 2016 cannot get here fast enough.

I told my brother and my buddy Charlie that should the Chargers go ahead and move to LA my fandom will not follow them. Nope, if the Chargers move to LA I am becoming a Houston Texans fan.

There are myriad reasons I would choose the Texans.

Mostly, I love irony. I hate Texas. If I have to explain further, we cannot be friends.

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