Off to find my wooden leg

When I was a kid I wanted to go to Boston College. It might have been too much Spencer For Hire, Doug Flutie, or Johnny Tremain, but I knew when I was 8 I would end up at Boston College.

I've never been to Boston. In time my desire to go to BC was replaced with a burning hatred of the Boston Celtics.

The lesson: hate is far more powerful a motivator the Celtics suck.

I have also always thought that the Irish and the Mexicans are a lot more alike than most other immigrant groups in American history.

The Irish make horrible drunks, just like the Mexicans.

For a time, the Irish were blamed for everyfuckingthingwrong in America, just like the Mexicans today.

The Irish like to dance, but can't. Just like the Mexicans. (Sorry jente, but whatever that shit is cholos do on the dance floor is not dancing)

I love my people, but fuck me we dance like drunk chickens
The point is, we're all a lot more alike than different and I haven't have coffee yet, so piss off.

Also, I have no plans to be in Boston soon. Furthermore, the Celtics suck.


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