Thursday, July 2, 2015

Maybe you'll rest sometime

I was all introspective this morning after waking up with a Ryan Adams song in my head. I had deep thoughts about death, love, and betrayal to share. Then I had to wait 20-fucking-minutes for my twat faced internet to decide whether or not it wanted to work and whatever I was going to write went out the window because all I want to do is remind the world that Mediacom internet sucks ginormous, unwashed alligator balls.

When my neighbor moved in he asked about the neighborhood and I told him to avoid Mediacom for his internet. He already had shit experience with them and went with a different provider. Felt like a small victory. Now when I go to log on and and I see his wifi with five bars and mine with a big yellow exclamation point where bars should be I want to go punch his glib fucking face.

Anyway, Ryan Adams is stuck in my head because of a tweet I saw a few days ago.

Always reminds me of a girl who saved my life when my dad died and for a thank you I screwed her over. Never ask a woman to give up her life for you then end it in a text. Never shit on a woman's heart just because you're a miserable cunt. Bad form. Even for a drunk. But I did. Also reminds me of Kristen Stewart. For many of the same reasons.

Sometimes a movie can save a life, too.

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