Looked from the outside to the world I left behind

I woke up unable to go back to sleep about an hour ago. I've been farting around the web, giving Rick Perry some sound political advice, and contemplating life, the universe, and everything.

Do you ever wonder why you are friends with the people in your life who are always miserable? I mean the people who can see the negative in everything. I get that some people are actually depressed. I've dealt with truly depressed people and those aren't the ones I mean.

Truly, or clinically depressed people have no time for whining. They're usually in a dark place that has little time for frivolity.

I am talking about the fucking whiners in life who only ever want to see the crap in life and then blame anyone but themselves. You know who I mean... men are all assholes, all they want is one thing ... then, seemingly five minutes later... why can't I find someone to loooovvveee mmmeeeee???? Always marvelling at the fact that they can never find a good man or woman while never once stopping to consider the one common denominator in every single one of their failed relationships: themselves.

You got to have yo' dreams
It's not just relationships, it's a certain outlook on life in general. And it's people in all walks of life whether they live in the ghetto in the ghetto or on a nice beach, there is always that one guy who will find a reason to be unhappy while never taking that look in the mirror. Instead of seeking out the good in life, or seeing the opportunities presented as anything other than challenges, they whine about what they'll never have while missing the things all around them while forgetting that they once thought this too was impossible.

This is the shit I think about when I lay awake and four in the morning trying not to wake TGB.

That's when I find myself thinking about the people in my life that I want to slap upside the head and scream, your life is not nearly as fuck all miserable as you seem to wanna believe, you dumbass! 


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