Jason, you really are the only exception

Watched some of The Maze Runner last night. I kept shouting, go get the shit kicked out of you by love!

One of you might get that.

I never thought Claudia Schiffer was all that attractive.

Does anyone know if the little red-haired girl in the Taken On A Plane movie actually Julianne Moore's daughter in real life? You google it.

When I want to tell people to shut the fuck up politely I'll say, no more chit-chat. I even say it with the smoldering Antonio Banderas accent.

Did you know Sylvester Stallone did a porn? I learned that in my mom's bathroom when I sat to drop a deuce and he was on the cover of her Playgirl in her magazine rack.

If you get all the movie references thus far, you're pretty cool. If not, it's probably your 42nd birthday today.

I don't think that comma should be there, but fuck it, it stays.


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