Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I'm high on believing

I used to watch Ally McBeal. That explains this morning's song.

Also, that explains why I say Poughkeepsie so damn much.

And bygones.

Oh, and Lucy Liu.

Jesus, a shit show really did affect my life. Effect my life? Fuck you, English.

My dad used to like Home Improvement. That has nothing to do with Ally McBeal. It has more to do with the Ben Marwood song I am listening to at the moment. He is awesome. Ben Marwood is, I mean. My dad is dead so I would say, he WAS awesome. Some parts of this English shit I can handle.

The white desk on the right, that's where I am sitting this very moment. Feel closer to me now? Freak.
Today is the anniversary of something terrible that happened ten years ago in the UK. It's weird to me that I wouldn't have noticed it, or, if I had, I likely wouldn't have given it much thought beyond acknowledging that it was a thing and it happened. But so many of my friends are from or have moved to the UK that I am acutely aware of the painful memories and, in a small, but real way, I feel it, too. They have made this world much, much smaller.

Big hugs from across the pond to all of those remembering 7/7 today.

Do yourself a favor: go make friends with people in different parts of the country and then the world. It really will serve to make the world a better place. Whatsmore, it will make you a better person.

Titty sprinkles.

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