Saturday, July 11, 2015

I don't think we're in control

I keep seeing advertisements for the Amy Winehouse flick. I dunno how I feel about it. I likely won't bother with it; seems disingenuous to pretend I was ever a fan of hers now that she's dead.

I did watch the Curt Cobain docuflick. It was dreadful once Courtney showed up. A few people were not happy when I said it sucked on Facebook. I was amused by that.

When I first learned how to drive one of the first things I did was find the spot where James Dean died and drive there. Since then I have driven past that spot hundreds of times. Every time I do I think, just a second more in either direction and he would have lived. That is what a fickle bitch life can be.

Dexter knows cool. 

If he had lived I probably wouldn't have grown up worshipping him. He could have ended up going the way of a Paul Newman (whom he beat out for the role in East of Eden) which would have been cool and all, but... no. Worse, he could have gone the way of Marlon Brando - fat and insane. Either way, my childhood would have been decidedly different. I would have been a Steve McQueen fan or something.

Two words why that would have been a travesty: Towering Inferno

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