Don't have kids

Today I am going to be a looting fool. TGB has been on a music buying frenzy lately so I will be pilfering her musical libary.

The whole Cecil story sucks. But I am still going to eat moo cows and bacon. I don't get people making the correlation that eating meat and killing that particular majestic creature are the same. I am sure there are people who don't get how I can't see the correlation. Those people are bacon haters and hate has no place in this world.

Interesting thing happened on Google+ yesterday. Well, it actually started back when SCOTUS made marriage equality the law of the land and I dribbled about it. Some idiot called me things and told me to go back to Mexico.

Being the adventurous sort, I went to his page and I was shocked to discover a whole lot of teabaggery. So, I commented on a few things I found amusing and left it at that. In the days that followed his friends took up his cause. Which is to say I was called names and told to go back to Mexico. Original thinkers all.

But yesterday it got a little head scratching. I was called a fag, but it was done with the love of Christ or some such shit and blah blah blah. One of these days someone is going to have to explain to me how you can love someone so much you demonstrate it with vile, well, hatred.

I don't know why I poke these idiots. Come here a sec, I wanna do stuff to ya.

Maybe if they spent more times in libaries and less time singing Dixie they'd be formidable. Then again, they'd probably cure their ignorance. It's all very circular.


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