Tuesday, June 30, 2015

You're keeping my hope alive

I've been up awhile now. Stupid dog decided to lick the paint off my deck and made herself sick. I spent the better part of last night up til 3:00 AM taking her dumb ass outside every hour and a half or so to do her gross business. I finally called it quits at 3:330 and went to bed to wake up and find a small mess in her kennel.

Side note for future dog owners: invest in a sick bay kennel. That is, a kennel separate and apart from your dog's normal kennel, made of hard plastic throughout and, kept in the garage. It makes for easier cleaning in the event that your mutt cannot keep things inside and keeps the place they know as home from become gross.

Also, and I cannot emphasize this enough, it keeps your house from smelling like dog shit.

So just how do you have a planned pregnancy when you've been telling everyone you are going to wait til your married to have sex ... again?

Okay, so as I am typing this the bedroom door upstairs slams shut and the dogs jump and take off towards it. Meantime, I am sitting here in dirty underwear and shaking. Yep, Dexter and Lucy Liu get it from me.

Titty Sprinkles

PS I had no idea who the hell these guys were when I went on the cruise in March. Fortunately, I spent a good portion of the cruise meandering, on the look out for new music. I caught these guy performing on one of the pool decks in full Mariachi regalia. That caught my eye. The music kept me there. Play it loud.

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