Saturday, June 6, 2015

WWLDD (if you can guess what it means correctly, you win a prize)

I don't like peanut BUT-ter. The cutest thing I have ever heard a human being say.

I did a me experiment over the last week or so. I tried tea instead of coffee. I did it a day because I was too lazy to make a pot of coffee then thought, let's see if this misery can last an entire week! Fortunately, that shit ends today and I am back to drinking coffee.

That's right, Fire Blood, bitches.
My initial reaction whenever someone is announced as a candidate for POTUS is, mmmm, yeah, nobody cares. That could be because I am cynical. It could also be because I am old. There is also the possibility that it is because we have no candidates that are really all that inspiring. Aside from the old man, of course. But he is old and ugly so no one will vote for him because we're a stupid, stupid nation.

Also, Lloyd Dobler isn't wrong. What's even weirder, he's one of the only people who has ever disagreed with Obama by using... wait for it... ACTUAL FACTS. Bizarre, I know.

All that aside, I am going to miss Michelle Obama. A beautiful woman in the White House will get my vote every time.

Please remember to pick your jaw up off the floor after viewing.

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