Friday, June 26, 2015

Today is already a great day

I woke up cranky. Then I read my twitter feed. The first post on my feed was this one:

I had to rub the eyes out of my sleep out of my eyes before it registered and even then I wasn't sure. I kept scrolling through my feed and sure enough, it meant what I thought it meant.

Love is love.

Why do you care about gays getting married?

Because I'm human. Because everyone deserves to be and wants needs to be loved and no one should ever have to feel ashamed of that most human need. No one, not ever.

The Gorgeous Blonde would tell you that I love chick flicks. She's right, I really do.

Not because I have some bloated sense about romance or love or whatever. I just love happy endings and happily ever after. I fucking believe in motherfucking fairytales. (Had to manly up that last sentence). At the end of the movie I know love is finally going to win.

In real life, it doesn't always.

Today it did. Today love most certainly won.

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