Friday, June 12, 2015


My friend Charlie (the one with a penis) decided that he is only going to communicate on Facebook using memes. It makes for some hilarity and that's his intention.

I saw a meme that annoyed me this morning. Not from penile endowed Charlie, from a friend about a social issue of the day. Let me first say, that I am a notorious meme posting fuckhead and I have been caught posting wrong memes in the past myself. That said, I realized this morning that memes can trivialize and oversimplify an issue that requires a bit more depth than a meme can convey.

Yes, I know, the intelligentsia among you realized that fuck all ago. Don't be a cunt about it. That is exactly why people don't like you.

Like I said, oversimplified meme about an incredibly complicated matter under the guise of 'no nonsense,' which is almost always, utter and complete fucking nonsense. After I responded with a no nonsense answer of my own I realized that memes are being misused.

Cock Carrying Charlie has the right idea all along - memes are meant to be funny. Using memes to convey a sociological message is like using a gang-bang porn to teach sex ed. We need to stop doing that shit.

I need to stop doing that shit.

There, I said it you ducking twat.

Your Spotify sucks today so I went with something from my own library. You're welcome.

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