Monday, June 22, 2015

Listening and writing are hard.

I slept later than I meant to then Tabatha Coffey showed up on my television and, well, you know.

How has no one pitched a bitchy morning show called Coffey and Coffee? That should be a no brainer, Bravo channel. You're welcome.

President Obama did a podcast with Marc Maron. Whether you like him or not, he gets it. Unlike politicians in the past who play to old white dudes, Obama is playing to old white comedians. You're welcome, Paul, that joke was just for you.

Also, I am writing this as I listen so my brain may wander. You know, it always amazes me that Conservatives get butthurt about all things Obama except things that, you know, matter. The Timothy Geithner appointment, TPP, not being able to dance worth a fuck... all things that they should be upset about, but aren't.

Mark Maron sounds like a nervous schoolboy talking to his superhero.

Michelle Obama is hot. And she can dance. I am going to miss her. I was a Dennis Kucinich fanboy during the 2008 primaries all because he had the hottest wife. McCain was my #2 because of Cindy... then I fell in love with Meghan.

Yep, my politics are simple. 

They're getting into the guns part of the conversation. Like adults. The way never have as a country as a whole. That embarrasses me about We The People.

I own guns. I think we need to make it harder for those who would act heinously from getting their hands on guns. That does not make me a hypocrite, it makes me a responsible fucking gun owner. 

Titty Sprinkles.

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