Saturday, June 20, 2015

Last minutes and lost evenings

I love being a part of your journey. That was my thought just a moment ago as my friend rode off on his motorcycle to the next part of his trip across this country of ours.

I met him on the cruise, or maybe I didn't and he was just a part of the blur of faces who were part of something magical, bigger, cooler than anything not the cruise. We stayed up late, talked, laughed, learned about each other, and through each other, about this big blue ball we share. We grew blisters on our feet walking to the beach, shared music old and new, told stories about the things that make us who and what we are and wondered out loud if this is the kind of thing you tell most people.

I envied him as he rode off. I am just a small part of his journey growing smaller in his rearview mirror.

But this is what life is for: moments living in between the banality of time spent existing.

Safe travels, my friend. Thanks for letting us be a part of it.

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