Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Jeff's music turns me a little gay(er)

Yesterday morning I mentioned the awesomeness that is Megan Rapinoe and that evening she scores two goals. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. But on a day when the US team was mostly meh, she remained consistently bad ass.

Today I threw on whatever noise my buddy Jeff has playing. I feel like I'm at a gay club, minus the feeling like a sexy bitch part. I wondered if Jeff was gay when we met. He is one of those nice guys that is too nice and you wonder if it's all some sort of affectation. It's not. He's fucking annoyingly nice all the fucking time.

He's also incredibly white. Like Brian Griffin white. I say that because he used to be a photographer for real estate agents. Stay with me, kids. He used to drive around in the California desert taking photos of homes for sale in LONG SLEEVES and one of those goofy WHAM! hats.

If only this were dick on my lips.
And sunscreen slathered all over his mug. I believe he still ended up getting sunburned.

I've been listening to Jeff's playlist for ten minutes now and I suddenly want dick.


  1. (1) it wasn't a Wham hat (2) you love gay clubs (3) you have always wanted dick (4) I don't think I am a nice as I was back then (5) I thought you thought I was phony, not gay