Monday, June 8, 2015

It's got a nice groove and I can dance to it.

If the rest of the world did whatever it is they do with the passion and unbridled joy with which Megan Rapinoe plays soccer, this world would be a decidedly kick-ass place.

Fucking passion and unbridled fucking joy

If soccer pundits (former players) don't understand why Hope Solo's domestic violence issues are being talked about, maybe they need to pay a little more attention to the world (outside of soccer) in which they live.

I'm listening to what I assume is a Nordic band/artist. Jokke med Tourettes is the band/artist name it says on my Spotify. I can't understand a word, but I dig their sound.

The guy playing Jokke med Tourettes has the cutest kid on the interwebs. I met him and his wife (before the baby) in Monterey after a show. They were visiting the states and just happened to stop in. They're one of those disgustingly gorgeous couples you want to hate because they're so pretty, but then you spend time with them and realize they get their beauty from the inside. We sat at the bar talking and laughing all night. Through the magic that is social media we have stayed in touch.

His wife, plays roller derby and her team is visiting the states. That's some badass shit right there.

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