Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It's all 80s morning. You've been warned.

Today feels like an 80s montage day. My eyeballs opened up and I shot out of bed thinking, this is the day it all changes while some Kenny Loggins/Survivor lovechild sounding theme music was blaring in my head. That's an 80s montage day.

Godammit, I feel motivated! Even Dexter is listening. And now he's a wolf. THAT is how 80s montage music is supposed to work.

I did not think this through. I am now trapped in an 80s rabbit hole. I love it, but I may never get out. I might have to pull a John Hughes binge-fest.

Ally Sheedy or Molly Ringwald? That was a serious question. It starts with The Breakfast Club. Early on it's easy to say Molly Ringwald. She was gorgeous, and, more importantly, she was clean. But the more she talked, the more she closed the gap between her and Ally. Then they polished the turd that was previously homeless Ally Sheedy and turned her into a modern day Donna Reed.

Fast forward to St. Elmo's Fire and even Judd Nelson had come around. In fact, Molly Ringwald wasn't even a part of the competition anymore. Add to that the fact that she was Andrew McCarthy's answer to the meaning of life and we have a clear winner.

The truth is, it was never even a competition. It was always going to be Ally.

Now excuse me. I have to run on the beach in short shorts with a not-gay buddy for awhile until we have a homoerotic dance/hug session at the end of our workout.

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