Thursday, June 18, 2015

I'm getting really tired of your shit, America

Stop the world and let off all the fools and let 'em go live with their guns in the sky. - INXS

That's a line that pops into my head every time we have another mass shooting. We had another mass shooting last night. I've been singing that song for several hours now. Woke up at 4AM and that song was still playing on a loop in my head.

White guy walks into a black church in South Carolina and opens fire killing nine.

That could easily be a byline from the civil rights era. It's not. It's a thing that happened in 2015.

Stop the world and let off all the fools...

We've had lots of mass shootings in my lifetime. American exceptionalism isn't quite what it once was, I suppose. But hey, at least we lead the world in something. That and our incarceration rate. Weehoo 'murica!

I used to confuse the Stockton mass shooting with the McDonalds mass shooting. They each happened when I was an adolescent, and while I am sure neither was the first to happen in my lifetime, they are the first that stand out. It's weird to think that there are more mass shootings that I have forgotten than mass shootings I can actually recall. Without doing a Google search I can probably name about a half a dozen. My guess is there are at least that many in a single year.

I know I am a born again atheist. I also know that a church is supposed to be a sanctuary. A place where the broken of spirit can go to, hopefully, be mended. A place where the noise and the pain of the world is left at the door. It is not supposed to be a place where someone walks in and opens fire on innocent people.

This bugs me more than other mass shootings. I don't know why exactly. Maybe because race no doubt played a role in it. Maybe because I have always held black churches in a higher regard than other churches; black people don't go to church they have church. Maybe I've just reached the limit of my ability to insulate myself from this heinous bullshit. Maybe I'm just human and this is all so inhumane. Maybe I should never have gotten used to mass shootings in the first place.

Have a day.

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