Sunday, June 28, 2015

I'm at your side forevermore

Went to the record store yesterday.

Lady: Do you have any Jackie Wilson?

Record store boy: Who?

My eye twitched and I walked over to punch the kid in the back of the head.

Record store girl: We have him in our used vinyl section.

Crisis averted, man-boy gets to live another day.

Record store man tells record store boy that the new Leon Bridges album is in the spirit of Jackie Wilson so record store boy puts on Leon's new album. I am instantly smitten. The boy tells me it is one of his favorites so I suggest he look up Jackie Wilson. He smiles big and assures me he will. There is hope for the boy, I think. I pick up a copy of Leon's new album.

My record player died so we're getting one as our anniversary gift to ourselves. Year three: vinyl. You can look it up.

When I suggested it and she said yes I suddenly imagined another date to the record store, coming home and doing that thing where you take turns playing songs for one another on the record player like we did back in the day discovering the overlap. Only this time, there will be smooching and dancing involved because girls no longer have cooties. Mostly.

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