Thursday, June 4, 2015

I like when I discover something new

I just heard a song that I have never heard before. It reminds me of all the comedians I have performed with who complain about the size of the audience and perform accordingly.

One of my favorite shows was in front of a crowd of two people.

Here's my rule: if I am paid to perform and people bothered coming to a show it is my JOB to give them a fucking show. It's not fucking rocket surgery.

Also, you never know exactly who it is that is in the audience. I've seen comedians shit the bed because they were too busy being petulant asshats on stage whining about the audience size while failing to realize that one of the guys in the audience was a booker for a rather large comedy festival up north.

All this talk has me chomping at the bit. But the first night I'm away from my comfy king size bed and sleeping in a shit motel with a number on the marquee sign that won't be properly lit so I'll miss it the first time driving by I'll be hating the road.

Today TGB has her promotion ceremony. It's been official since Monday, but she's a woman in the military so she's an afterthought when it comes to scheduling promotion ceremonies. I'm more annoyed by that than she is. She's annoyed that she has to wake up early and go in on her day off. There is no fucking pleasing her.

Bitches always be trippin', yo.

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