Sunday, May 17, 2015

Turn up the TV

It is an Elvis Costello day.

She is the first song up on my Spotify playlist. A song from Notting Hill. Notting Hill makes me think of a marriage proposal I got to witness in Wilmington, NC.

Love sex, lube, and a green card. It was romantical as fuck. She said no. Apparently, in some parts of the world the missionary position is as risque as one dares get. Legalize Charlie, indeed.

In totally unrelated news, if you know a single guy who is willing to marry an adorable English lass so she can get her green card, let me know.

- Brian Regan
Aisha Tyler once wrote, perfection is for God and Brian Regan. I hear those words whenever I see a creative type get frustrated. I am blessed with a healthy dose of Idonotgiveashititus and never struggle with a thing being perfect enough.

I prefer the blue-collar of it all. The shitty bars and clubs where you have to win the audience over. It's a competition of sorts with the environment itself. Sometimes a heckler will help you out by giving you the perfect setup to destroy him and win the crowd. Most times, you have to fight for it. You must have a thick skin, a fighter's mentality, and an ability to laugh at yourself. It is so much fucking fun and so goddamn mentally draining. Very much a workout. And just like working out, you'll find it gets a little easier every time so you add some weight and repeat the exercise until others notice the results.

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