Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sweet harmony

I was kept awake by three yapping yentas until 3 AM. I am sleepy.

But I fell asleep with a smile on my face. A night of friends laughing is always good for the soul. Even when said night ends with me telling them to shut the hell up and go to bed so I can get some damn sleep.

Inception type shit right here.
I think I am a few pictures away from being able to reconstruct my desk in a collage. That'll be my book cover. If people are willing to spend money on Left Behind books, they'll buy just about anything. So why not a book of mindless ramblings?

I am so looking forward to shaving today. My razor has been held captive in my en suite (fuck you, it's a fucking bathroom). I forgot to grab it before being relegated to the couch a couple of days ago. My face itches like crazy. I don't how Douchey McHipsters can stand it.

If you're not a lumberjack or an old timey pugilist you should not get to have a big beard. Especially not if you work in the service industry for a living.

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