Stop the self defeating lies

I cheated this morning - I am on my second cup of coffee.

I was perusing a photo book my wife received as part of her Toerag Sessions order (whilst enjoying my first cup of coffee). I learned that Miss Barker was on I-65 driving from Muscle Shoals to Nashville when it ocurred to her to record at the Toerag studios. I was recently on the same stretch of highway passing through Muscle Shoals.

It was one of those useless coincidences that made me smile.

TGB's desk is a beautiful cluttered mess.
I have spent an inordinate amount of my life on the I-10 freeway in LA. In fact, you can map the entirety of my childhood along that damn freeway. It's the longest freeway in the country - it runs from Santa Monica to somewhere no one cares about in Florida. Every so often I have to get on the 10 here in Florida and I catch myself wondering if the people I love in California are on it at that very moment. I check the time and do the math and try to guess who would be trekking the same highway as me at that same moment three thousand miles away. It makes them feel less far away.

I am going to a Frank concert this weekend in Atlanta. Everyone is excited. Me? I am more excited to sit down with my friend Lorraine and hearing all about her trip to Nepal.


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