Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sometimes a moment sticks with you

I sometimes forget how beautiful this country can be. Aesthetically speaking, of course. On the inside we can be a bit of a cesspool. The country is Hollywood on a grand scale.

I love this picture. It encapsules everything I fell in love with about Atlanta. The fountain for the dog was broken so the guy picked up his four legged family member to help him drink. The little boy was less thirsty than enamoured with the dog.

A white guy, a dog withan unwarranted reputation, a brown boy all in one of the most beautifully integrated cities in America gathered around sharing that one thing we all need to sustain life.  It affected me very much on a visceral level. There is a beauty in this moment that makes me happy to human.

I hate writing this on my phone. The seven of you better be grateful.

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