Friday, May 1, 2015

Something about being drunk and singing a ditty or something

I'm sleepy and cranky. Stupid couch and lack of coffee and only two donuts. I can't have a third because, apparently, I will whine later that I had too many donuts.

On the upside I get to drive to Tallahassee today. Wee friggin hoo.

I don't really have a reason to bitch except that the act of bitching is its own reward. You know I'm in a mood when I turn off Emily Barker and say, oh hell no. 

I am invoking a Frank Moritorium for my office.

So this just happened: I turn off Emily Barker (you know that already) and turned on Flogging Molly. My mother-in-law looks up from her coffee and asks, who is this? 

Flogging Molly.

Hmm, I like this. 

So there you go. My mother-in-law rocks harder than your pansy ass mother-in-law.

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