Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rock my soul

If you serve this country's military and defend our Constitution, you get to participate in the reward of citizenship. It really is that simple.

Sorry, I saw a whiney bitch post about immigrants serving in our military and it annoyed me.

Believe it or not, there is a throng of laughter in my home this morning. It's quite gratifying. But it also sucks because we are losing our home guest after today. Well, technically she is coming with us to Atlanta and North Carolina, but then we come home without our Brit.

If the world was full of more people like her it would be a decidedly better place. I wouldn't be able to understand a fucking word it was saying, but it would be better.

Testicular fortitude
One of my favorite writers was fired yesterday. ESPN has long since jumped the shark in my book so when they fired Bill Simmons I was barely surprised. They're the same network that suspended him three weeks for saying a thing that was 100% true, while subsequently suspending cunty mccuntface a week for behaving like an absolute ass. It was very NFL of them, actually.

Anyway, he'll end up someplace else and, hopefully, get off his lazy ass and write more.

"Titty sprinkles." -Morgan Freeman

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