Thursday, May 14, 2015

I have friends in Nashville today while I'm stuck on the beach

I woke up a little bummed about not being on the road watching concerts with my friends anymore. Then I looked out the window and saw the ocean. Nashville can suck it.

Why the hell did I ever leave here?
If I have to Google whomever Facebook tells me is trending then either I am too old to be on Facebook, or the trending person is fuckin irrelevant.

I have spent the last few days with so many different accents, that I hear them in my brain as I type. That last sentence was very Canadian with an upwards inflection at the end so it almost sounded like a question. There is a battle raging in my head between a Canuck and a drunk Irishman.

I don't remember if I shared this short story I wrote a couple of weeks back, so here it is again, maybe: Part One

It's called Part 1 because it is a part of something larger that I am working on. No, I won't be posting part 2 or anything else. When I write a screenplay, I write the story simultaneously to make sure it makes sense to me. Usually the story version is a scatter-brained mess relative to a normal short story, but it makes just enough sense to keep me in the proper lane.

When you write, there a lot of well meaning websites and FB pages with instruction on how to write. They post a lot of what I imagine is supposed to be inspirational shit for writers, but it always makes me roll my eyes. Usually it's stuff like Kurt Vonnegut's three rules for writing, or the things a writer should eliminate from his writing right now! 

It's all very frustrated college professor-y.

I have one rule for writing. In fact, it applies to my comedy and my life in general.

I write what I fucking love and if others like it, great, if not, great. Also, those people who don't can suck a bag of unwashed dicks.

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