Sunday, April 12, 2015

You don't know what I'm thinking

It feels like an ice pick in your chest as an alien baby is trying to crawl up your throat. That is what a hiatal hernia feels like. Makes sleep difficult. As a result, I am sleepy. And cranky. That's why one dog is in the garage and the other is smart enough to hide.

Dogs should never be afraid of their masters, Rudy.

Really? Go watch some Nat Geo program on wild animals, the asshole is always the leader of the pack. Also, go suck a bag of dicks. 

I really hate the wall texture in my office
TGB is supposed to be making me waffles. But she wants to enjoy her cup of coffee first. Selfish bitch. I can say that, I'm black.

If there is no Dribble tomorrow, search for my missing body.

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