Thursday, April 9, 2015

When I heard the news

Last night I slept with earbuds in my ears not really drifting off to Ben Marwood, Billy The Kid, and Emily Barker on repeat. I felt like a kid. Now I want to spend the day picking at my guitar.

I am not a good guitar player. I am a better bass player, but that just means I am an adequate bass player. I suspect TGB will end up a better mandolin player than I am guitar player before too long. I'm cool with that.

I watched a woman try to stick a knife in her chest. I was around five and I don't remember exactly why she was trying to kill herself. I do remember being intrigued. She grabbed the knife and tried to drive it into her chest a couple of times before people in the apartment got to her to stop her. The other kids were screaming. I just watched. It seemed to happen very slowly. Then it happened quickly; the woman strapped down on a bed and carted into the back of an ambulance, her face to one side, tears and this completely vacant stare on her face.

I don't remember her babysitting me ever again.

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