Wednesday, April 1, 2015

We can get up...

I've been up for an hour and been tending to the needs of the four legged assholes.

People say dogs can't be assholes and then say even dumber shit like dogs are people too. Well, which is it? I have never met a people who didn't also have the capacity to be an  asshole. Also, if dogs are mirrors of their owners then they are most assuredly assholes. Sexy assholes, but assholes all the same!

I've said this before, but the thing about cancer is that even when you're given the all clear you never really escape. The last couple of years have consisted of the stress that comes every three months when they check under the hood and make sure none of the bad ju-ju is back.

Last month's check up sucked.

Not cancer itself yet, but some ugly shit that is a precursor and that The Gorgeous Blonde can explain better than a trained monkey like I can. So tomorrow the doctor is going to cut my wife up again and take out the bad shit, biopsy the fuck out of it and, hopefully, tell us we are still all clear.

Other than Dick Cheney there really isn't anyone I could ever hate enough to wish this shit on.

Needless to say, don't expect a dribble tomorrow morning.

Also, I will be cranking these LOUD they put me in the mood for a fight.


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