Sunday, April 5, 2015

The truth is I don't like people all that much

What Easter means to me: staying away from restaurants at lunch, an excuse to get sadistic on chocolate bunnies, egg salad.

That's pretty much it.

My friends are annoying. I love them, but they remind why I have so few of them.

Don't let it happen again.
I met two boys people yesterday. I was washing the car and they were riding their bikes by my house when one of their chains popped. The kid threw his the bike down and cursed at it, like any normal boy person would. I chuckled.

I listened as the boy person of non-specific gender struggled with the workings of a bicycle. Lots of frustration, some cursing and a good bit of ball hump busting from his said person's friend.

After laughing at gender inconsequential person's misery for awhile I walked over and told him gender inconsequential person it's easier to loosen the back tire, slip the chain around the gear, then push the tire back til the chain is taut. Then I asked if he'd there was any practical experience between the two of them in the proper usage of socket wrench technology. There was none.

So, I taught these two beings how to use a damn socket and told them to ask for a set for their next birthday. As they rode off I thought, a father should teach a son how to use a damn socket wrench.

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