Monday, April 20, 2015

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

I have to correct a MAJOR fuck up I made on yesterday's dribble. I said Tim McGraw backed out of the Sandy Hook Benefit Concert and I was wrong. I saw a byline, skimmed the story and missed something very obvious in the story - that Billy Currington, NOT Tim McGraw backed out of the show. If anything, Tim has been resolute in his determination to do the show. If anything, I find myself admiring this Tim guy a lot more.

Again, the story was not the problem, my inability to put words together coherently was.

I'm sorry, I was wrong, please don't hate me Faith, Tim or any of Tim's fans. But mostly Faith.

That said, I had a fun talk with a Sandy Hook Truther yesterday. It seems they believe Sandy Hook was a conspiracy all based on the video of one of the dads laughing nervously before addressing the media. That is a special kind of stupid.

This camera captured me and my imaginary friend
It's another monsoon this morning. I am hoping that it clears up in the next couple of hours because we have to head back to Pensacola. The doc wants to see how TGB is recovered from the surgery is all, nothing too serious. But the three hour drive is going to be a lot longer if it's a downpour the entire way.

Why is it so hard to admit when we're wrong? I mean, the mental gymnastics I have seen people (including myself) go through just to avoid acknowledging that they're wrong is astounding. It's annoying, disingenuous and few things make me lose faith in people (again, including myself) than the inability to own up.

I like cheese.

This one goes out to you, Timmy Mac.

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