Thursday, April 16, 2015

See the sun rise over her skin

One dog barking his fool head off at 5:20something this morning is why I am awake now. I want to punt the little fucker into the Gulf of Mexico.

Fuck this little fucker in his fucking face

So I am up, already doing laundry and making preparations for our guest tomorrow, our very dear friend Brandon. I suspect there will be much libations (he and TGB) and even more laughter (the lot of us). It'll be good for the soul.

And yet, all I want to do is punt her fucking dog into the Gulf of Mexico.

I opened Lucy Liu's kennel around 20 minutes ago (just before six am) and she looked at me like, what the actual fuck, dude? And then put her head back down. I can hear her snoring. Lucky bitch.

I just watched the day break over the Gulf. Black nothing, then a hint of horizon. Then the neverending deep blue sea. I was awed as fuck.

I still want to punt that little fucking dog.

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