Monday, April 27, 2015

Music and an ode to the garbage man

There's an earnestness to Ben Marwood's voice, almost a desperation that you listen and understand his words. I like it.

One of things I've started to realize about living in the south is that there is a sort of us vs. them mentality here. It's as though some people of the south believe that anyone not of this region are from a different country alltogether. There's a charm to it that covers up a sort of underlying sadness.

It's pouring out today. And it's garbage day. I feel for the garbage man. Next time you see one, look him in the eye acknowledge that dude. He does a far more important job than we give him credit for.

Also, you never hear about garbage men shooting unarmed black teens.

I'm kind of a David Thorne fanboy
If there really are angels singing somewhere on high, my guess is they were all handed a copy of an Emily Barker album and told simply, do what she does.

I have a draft of a story for you. I know I promised it over the weekend, but Mass Effect 2 called and that bitch always gets what she wants. It'll be editted and up for you tonight.

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