Sunday, April 19, 2015

Maybe I should have called you first

Update: I was a total fucking moron and misread that article. Tim McGraw DID NOT back out of the concert, Billy Currington did. I was wrong, I apologize, and Billy is a fucking coward.

Tim McGraw backed out of the Sandy Hook Benefit Concert. Cowardly move, Timmy, cowardly move.

And no, dipshits, I am not anti-Second Amendment. I am, however, anti-NRA, anti-stupidity, and anti-needless death. I am very PRO-responsible gun ownership, PRO-gun safety, and PRO-universal background check among other things.

Who knew so many country music fans were hardcore thugs?

Happy belated #RecordStoreDay
How could anybody NOT love Cyndi Lauper? If you said to yourself, I don't love her after reading that question, stop reading my blog and go away. I don't need people like you in my life.

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